Dating old violins

dating old violins

How old is too old for a violin?

To most people, anything over 5 years is old - cars, television, and grandma. So of course a violin that is 50 or 100 years old seems very old. However, in the violin business, 100 years old is actually termed and considered modern. To be considered truly old, an instrument should be from 1800-1850 or earlier.

How much are old Italian violins worth?

An anonymous Italian instrument that is over 200 years old and a is fine work of art may still be worth several thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Note also that there were roughly 20,000 violin makers over more than 250 years making instruments in the Italian tradition in the vity of Cremona, Italy alone (the home of Stradivari).

How can you tell how old a violin case is?

Some of the old violin cases have patent dates on the latches or handle brackets, which will at least let you know the case is newer than that date. Cases are switched around frequently.

Is my violin a fake old violin?

If you have many or all of the characteristics of a fake old violin, its not an old violin. It might be 1900s German or even new Chinese or German. And if your violin has none of these characteristics, it is most probably a modern violin.

What is the best age to start playing the violin?

So for example someone who starts the violin at age 50 will take the same time to get to a certain standard with equal amount of practise as someone starting at age 5. But the way that these two will be viewed is different. For example a child starting at 5 and taking 10 years to get to a certain stage could be viewed as good for their age.

Is it hard to learn the violin?

It’s challenging, yes, but it’s also healing and fulfilling.” Typically, children start playing violin between the ages of 6 to 9, allowing sufficient physical, intellectual, and emotional development to tackle the instrument.

How old was Mozart when he started playing the violin?

Mozart started his keyboard and violin lessons at age 3 granted, yet it was not until the age of 5 that he was performing publicly for European Royalty. Furthermore, it must never be forgotten that Mozart’s father, Leopold was a violin instructor and a very capable one at that.

How are children taught to play the violin?

The child may be introduced to the instrument and may even hold the violin. They will be taught general posture like how to stand properly as well as how to hold the violin appropriately. They will likely do some light music theory based around the treble clef and may even pluck a few strings in rhythmic patterns.

How can you tell if a violin is real or fake?

Ideally, if the instrument only reads “Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis 1721,” it is still important to seek another expert’s opinion. However, there are still people who have made copies of similar labels but with additional markings like Made in Germany, commonly found in many fake strads.

How many violins have been made by fake manufacturers?

Very few undiscovered violins by the most famous makers have turned up since 1960, while over the past century and a half, millions of commercial instruments containing fake labels have been made. See more about these Factory Instruments from Germany Czechoslovakia and France.

Are there any authentic violins that have been previously unknown?

Dealers know that the chance of stumbling upon a previously unknown authentic instrument by one of these great makers is next to impossible. Very few undiscovered violins by the most famous makers have turned up since 1960, while over the past century and a half, millions of commercial instruments containing fake labels have been made.

How can you spot a fake Stradivarius violin?

Telling a fake Stradivarius from the real deal isnt too hard, instrument experts say. For example, three words inscribed on Smiths instrument raise a red flag: Made in Germany. The Smithsonian says the U.S. government required those labels on imported goods. The experts also say they can spot phony Stradivarius violins from their shapes.

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